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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The idea for "Tiffany's Dilemma: A Matter Of Time" Book #4 in the Dilemma Series

Book Cover for "Tiffany's Dilemma: A Matter Of Time"
Someone asked me where I got the idea to write "Tiffany's Dilemma: A Matter Of Time." Well, the idea came from my 19 years old son,Brandon. He and I had a mother and son lunch date and he told me about his oldest sister's friend Tiffany and how he had a crush on her when he was a small child. I asked him when did the crush start and he told me as long as he could remember. So I asked were you six or seven and he said younger. I found it amazing that he even felt such a strong emotion at such a young age. Anyway, I added a few "what if's" to the young boy crush idea and keep the characters ethnic backgrounds the same. I even keep the names of the characters the same. So, thanks to a little boy's crush the story of Tiffany and Brandon was born. The real Tiffany and Brandon. Brandon says he still loves her, but like a sister. :o)
The real Tiffany & Brandon, my
inspiration for "Tiffany's Dilemma: A Matter Of Time"

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